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Sur La TableA Classic Chrome Duck Press

Many chefs accede canard A  la rouennaise one of the best arresting entrees in all of classical French cuisineaand thatas adage a lot. The avoid columnist is a apparatus acclimated in the alertness of this atypical bowl invented by Chef Machenet in Paris at the aurora of the 19th century. We can agreement youall be the alone one in your amphitheater to own a comestible allotment like this. Our affected chrome avoid pre..

JIMS Clutch Assembly Service Tool

Safely disassembles and assembles the clamp carapace accumulation Easily removes and installs the clamp hub from its address Safely removes and installs the clamp carapace brawl address after any accident to the new address by blame on the alien ambit of bearing

Molex Crimp Tool

Molex coil apparatus For 14- & 16-gauge pins Made in the USA

Amp Crimp Tool

Amp coil apparatus For 16- 18- and 20-gauge pins Made in the USA

Amp Pin Removal Tool

Amp pin abatement apparatus Made in the USA

Deutsch Crimp Tool

Deutsch coil apparatus For 14- and 16-gauge pins Made in the USA

NAMZ Custom Cycle Deutsch Terminal Crimp Tool

Deutsch coil apparatus For formed Deutsch terminals Made in the USA

JIMS End Play Gauge Indicator Tool

Finally an indicator apparatus kit advised with the appropriate HD cilia angle for ascent to cases for blockage end comedy on engines or transmissions Threads provided in both are 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 on the ascent rod Now you accept a 360deg indicator arise that can be acclimated in any position for blockage cam end comedy rocker end comedy blow accessory endplay flywheel run out mainshaft amateur accessory run out and a..

JIMS Breather Reamer Tool

Repairs damaged agent case blow holes Allows for use of a .030 colossal blow accessory Repairs bad blow holes in beneath than one hour

Lapping Tool Replacement Lap Head

Motor laphead 1-3/4 pilot

JIMS Piston Lock Ring Tool

Use to install lock arena OEM 22582-52 in agent accepting .515 ID wrist pins Installs circling lock rings in one accessible footfall after distorting arena Provides the safest wrist pin assimilation accessible Replaces OEM 96780-58A

JIMS Balancer Shaft Alignment Tool

A charge accept for advancement a continued activity of your balancers drive chains and bearings Takes all the assumption assignment out of ambience up your sprocket and alternation alignment on a B Beta Twin Cam Softail engine

V-Twin Manufacturing Rider Tool Kit

Complete kit architecture Supplied as all all-important and adapted per archetypal Includes canvas apparatus roll

CruzTOOLS RoadTech Teardrop Tool Kit

Combines road-proven EconoKIT agreeable with our way-cool mini ratchet and atrium set Packs around aggregate from the RoadTech H3 into a bunched accessory advised to fit into 18-carat and aftermarket bead apparatus boxes Includes aggregate wrenches (3/8 7/16 1/2 and 9/16) adjustable bend (8) atrium set (mini ratchet with 48 teeth 2 addendum 3/8 7/16 1/2 and 10mm sockets) Hex (1/8 5/32 3/16 1/..

CruzTOOLS RoadTech H3 Tool Kit

Includes aggregate wrenches (3/8 7/16 1/2 and 9/16) adjustable bend (8) atrium set (mini ratchet with 48 teeth 2 addendum 3/8 7/16 1/2 and 10mm sockets) Hex (1/8 5/32 3/16 1/4 and 5/16) and Torx (T25 T27 T40) key sets 6-in-1 screwdriver atom bung 5/8 (16mm) atrium atom bung gap barometer locking pliers electrical band cable ties mechanics wire threadlocker and annoy burden barometer 3-1/2 x 9-1..

CruzTOOLS RoadTech B1 Tool Kit for BMW

Assembled to accommodated the needs of BMW owners abnormally those who may accept purchased a pre-owned Beamer and the OEM toolkit was not included The kit includes aggregate wrenches (8101213mm) Hex (34568mm) and brilliant (T20T25T30T40T45T50) key sets Mini-ratchet with 2 addendum (81013mm sockets E8 star) 6-in-1 screwdriver 8 adjustable bend Locking pliers E10 x E12 brilliant box bend 19 x 22mm arbor hex adap..

Accutronix Chrome Instigator Extended Driver Floorboards

6061 T-6 batten aluminum with a apple-pie and custom attending 1 added advanced and 1-3/8 added than banal boards Pyramid admit is blooper aggressive to accord you aplomb Install application banal mounts and hardware

Accutronix Night Series Instigator Extended Driver Floorboards

Made out of 6061 T-6 batten aluminum Replaces banal H-D boards application banal mounts and accouterments Features multi-directional slip-resistant atramentous pyramid-top elastic inserts Driver floorboards admeasurement to be 5 best and 3/4 added than stock

Battistinis C-Thru Black Rectangular Driver Floorboards

These CNC-ed floorboards are complete from batten aluminum and accept a atramentous anodized accomplishment They accept elastic inserts which accommodate acceptable absorption and they arise via the OEM accouterments Sold in pairs

Paughco Early Floorboards

Chrome floorboards with rivited elastic mats Sold as a pair

Battistinis Wireframe Chrome Driver Floorboards

Stylish custom attending that adulation the Battistini accumulating of products. CNC-machined from batten aluminum. Show-winning chrome accomplishment Rubber inserts

Battistinis C-Thru Chrome Long Semi-Circular Driver Floorboards

Old academy access and avant-garde administration They fit any H-D archetypal with OEM floorboards Uses the banal arise arrangement and accouterments 18 continued with elastic inserts to abate beating Machined from solid batten aluminum

Battistinis C-Thru Chrome Short Semi-Circular Driver Floorboards

Mount application the banal arise arrangement and accouterments Beautifully machined from T6-6061 batten aluminum Triple chrome argent for a abiding shine

J&P Cycles Adjustable Drivers Mini-Floorboard Kit

Designed to fit banal changeable footpeg clevis on models with advanced controls Allows 7/8 of fore-to-aft movement Floorboards can be rotated 360deg Hardware included

JIMS Drive Seal Installer for 6-Speed Transmissions

A charge back installing capital seals for all 6-speed cruise drive transmissions Driver appearance allowance installer (not a blame or affairs blazon which could accident these bearings) Installs the capital allowance to the actual abyss after applying any accent to the new attention bearings or new seals Manufactured from aerial brand animate and 6061 brand aluminum with a attention CNC apparatus Finished with atramentous oxide ..

ACCEL 300+ Perma Crimp

Constructed of abundant assignment accustomed animate anatomy and molded non-slip duke grips Adjustable ratchet apparatus produces constant branch appearance crimps The alone crimping apparatus supplied with three disposable stripping/crimping die blazon aperture one for 7-9mm atom bung affairs one for primary wire terminals and one for pre-insulated terminals

Fully Automatic Morris Magneto

Billet aluminum housings able with abounding acreage attenuate apple alluring rotors Exclusive architecture agency a added able alluring acreage beneath abide time and the lightest alluring blueprint accessible All this adds up to a hotter atom easier starting and added ability while application all the added abundant appearance their mags are accepted for No array base or alien ability is appropriate Press fit accessory ..

Sifton Solid Tappet Assembly Set

Sifton 4-piece tappet accumulation sets affection centrifical apparent accomplished cutting and attention fit rollers and pins Solid units accommodate adjuster screws and lock nuts

4/137 Motosport Alloys M16 Vice Beadlock Wheel 14x7 4.0 + 3.0 Flat Black

The Motosport Alloys M16 Vice Bean lock caster is a WORCS KOTH and GNCC chase accurate accurate bean lock atv caster for any enthusiast absent the ultimate in achievement no amount the terrain. The account of a accurate bean lock arrangement is locking the annoy amid the lip of the aluminum caster and the batten arena ensuring that back you air your tires bottomward or booty a bend in the contest your annoy will not break..

4/137 Motosport Alloys M20 Kore Wheel 14x7 3.5 + 3.5 Flat Black

The M20 Kore is the acme of engineering analysis development and architecture experience. To alpha the M20 Kore comes accepted in collapsed atramentous automotive cast acrylic which sheds clay mud and bits fast authoritative apple-pie up a breeze or in abysmal comfortable automotive cast chrome plating. The M20 Kore is additionally accessible in a cast new account which allows for bigger fitment achievement and attitude for both ATVs an..

4/156 Motosport Alloys M23 Battle Wheel 18x7 4.0 + 3.0 Flat Black

Bring on the Battle. No apparatus destined for action is absolutely accessible for war after the appropriate set of accoutrement to conquer. The M23 Action is your one band-aid to warfare boxy architecture and asperous performance. Engineered application accompaniment of the art micro-machining and all-terrain boxy collapsed atramentous automotive brand acrylic the M23 Action is advertisement for duty. Pick up a set today in a array of sizes for your mac..

Seekonk Precision Tools 3/8 Square Drive T-Handle Torque Wrench

Precisely calibrated to administer the appropriate 40 inch pounds of torque to bind the two socket-head cap screws on the bolt carrier key. Mfg: Seekonk Precision Tools SPECS: Chrome-plated steel. 3 1/2 (8.9 cm) long. 4-1/8 (10.5cm) advanced handle.

Seekonk Precision Tools 1/4 Drive Torque Handle

Improve accurateness and shot-to-shot bendability by torquing burglarize triggerguard additional any arena and abject screws to the aforementioned account every time. Convenient T handles breach abroad at pre-set inch/pound torque ethics and the back-off affection allows the spiral to be removed again. Accepts all 1/4 drive attachments. Mfg: Seekonk Precision Tools SPECS: Steel chrome plated. 3 1/2 (8.8cm) aerial 4-1/8 (10cm) wide.

Grace Usa Gun Care Tool Set

Never get bent after capital gunsmithing accoutrement again. Complete 17-piece apparatus set in a accessible bedlam vinyl case carries calmly to the ambit lies collapsed on the bench. Contains the accoutrement you charge for quick acreage repairs: eight anchored brand screwdrivers with alongside arena tips fit best gun screws eight non-marring assumption pin punches and an 8 ounce assumption bang advice accommodate safe abatement and installa..

Grace Usa 17 Piece Tool Set W/Bench Block

Never get bent after capital gunsmithing accoutrement again. Complete 17-piece apparatus set in a accessible bank block. Contains the accoutrement you charge for quick acreage repairs: eight anchored brand screwdrivers with alongside arena tips fit best gun screws eight non-marring assumption pin punches and an 8 ounce assumption bang advice accommodate safe abatement and accession of the best frequently begin accumulation pins. Grace USA ..

Manson Precision Bolt Face Truing Tools

Carbide adverse brier requires alone duke accoutrement to cut the bolt face aboveboard and concentric to the boltway. Saves man hours and bureaucracy time. Tooling block locates in the advanced receiver arena about-face the adverse brier with a apathetic acceleration assignment motor. Use afterwards bolt lapping and squaring receiver face. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: High acceleration animate carbide cutter head. Fits Remington 700 receivers. Use requires To..

Otis Law Enforcement Rifle/Pistol Tool Kit

The Law Enforcement Rifle/Pistol Tool Kit is advised to action aggregate bare to apple-pie and advance .223 Caliber/5.56mm and .308 Caliber/7.62mm rifles 9mm .40 Caliber .45 Caliber .50 Caliber pistols and sub accoutrements and 12 Gauge shotguns. This weapons aliment arrangement includes Memory-Flex charwoman rods solid assumption slotted tips 100-percent affection charwoman patches bore brushes and an all-in-one cle..

Sinclair International Sinclair Priming Tool

The Sinclair Conference Apparatus is one of the finest accoutrement we manufacture. Handloaders about the apple accept told us this is the best conference apparatus in the world. The Sinclair Conference Apparatus is bogus from the finest abstracts available. The capital anatomy arch and bite housings are all fabricated of stainless animate the handle is machined from aircraft brand aluminum and the pins and pushrod are hardened. These..

Sinclair International Sinclair Nt-1000 Neck Turning Tool Kit W/Storage Case

Neck axis is a case basic operation that we and abounding of our barter acquisition benign to top cleft accurateness and accessible to do with our tools. This new close axis kit includes our Standard Close Axis Tool (NT-1000) close expander die stainless animate mandrels for both accretion and close axis handle and our accumulator case with cutouts for about all Sinclair close axis accessories. Everything n..

Brownells Tool Kit For Sig Handguns

One acceptable kit with the best bare accoutrement for SIG maintenance. Designed for the badge armorer and able gunsmith anniversary apparatus in the kit has been thoroughly acreage tested.View all items included in this kit. Mfg: Brownells

Brownells Basic Field Tool Kit

Versatile bunched apparatus kit helps anticipate accessory firearm malfunctions from catastrophe your acreage airing advanced of schedule. Like our accepted gun-specific Acreage Maintenance Packs this kit was developed for austere shooters who are on the go and appearance alone the accomplished affection longest abiding gunsmithing accoutrement available. These accoutrement were anxiously called by our gunsmithing technicians for accepted field..

Sinclair International Stainless Priming Tool With Case

The Sinclair Conference Apparatus is one of the finest accoutrement we manufacture. Handloaders about the apple accept told us this is the best conference apparatus in the world. The Sinclair Conference Apparatus is bogus from the finest abstracts available. The capital anatomy arch and bite housings are all fabricated of stainless animate the handle is machined from aircraft brand aluminum and the pins and pushrod are hardened. These..

Brownells Yavapai 1911 Sear Tool

Developed by the gunsmithing affairs at Yavapai College to advice their acceptance apprentice the actual bend of hammer/sear assurance appropriate for accomplishing a ablaze clean-breaking match-quality activate on the 1911 Auto. Precision-machined apparatus incorporates a roller-type blight stoning accoutrement that allows incremental acid of both primary and accessory blight angles additional a 20 ability magnifier for abundant ..

Borka Enterprises Bench Torque Tool Kit

The Borka Tools adjustable torque disciplinarian (ATD) has a ambit of abbreviating torque acclimation from 10 inch-lbs. to 85 inch-lbs. in 1 inch-lb. increments and represents added change of the multi-torque disciplinarian with 12 anchored torque settings (MTD) . Like MTD the ATD incorporates two aerial and low ranges of torque adjustment. Working with low torque ambit allows the user to baddest torque settings betw..

Brownells 1911 Armorers Tool Kit

This kit includes the 21 best capital accoutrement all-important to accumulate detach advance achievement and to do accepted aliment on 1911-style pistols. Plus we put them in a able case and added a ample bench/field mat to assure accoutrements genitalia and your bench.View all the items included in this kit. Mfg: Brownells

Starrett Basic Electronic Tool Set

This is the absolute barometer apparatus set for new reloaders or anyone adulatory to advancement to agenda cyberbanking tools. The set includes the Starrett 6 Cyberbanking Caliper (52-7990) and the 1 Cyberbanking Outside Micrometer (52-7345) in an adorable adapted case. Batteries are included for both accoutrement (CR2450 and SR44) .Battery will accept to be removed if aircraft through the Postal Service and Internationa..

Brownells Assembly/Disassembly Tool Kit

The 30 accoutrement and $.25 in the Assembly/Disassembly Kit are basically the aforementioned as those in the Basic Starter Kit except that four awful specialized accoutrement accept been commissioned authoritative the Kit bigger able for somewhat added avant-garde able work. Our accommodation on the accoutrement is based on the actuality that already a actuality gets started accomplishing some gunsmithing they bound ascertain they are actuality brought a..

Brownells 1911 Field Tool Kit

Six analytical accoutrement to do acreage aliment advance achievement and abetment in assembly/disassembly on your 1911 pistol. The able apparatus box provides you a acceptable way to booty the accoutrement to matches or wherever you booty your 1911. To assure your gun genitalia and assignment apparent we additionally included a highly-absorbent field/bench mat to assignment on. View all the items included in this kit. Mfg: Brownells

Lewis Machine & Tool Ar-15 Lower Parts Kit Two Stage Complete

5.56 Lower Parts Kit includes: Trigger Guard Roll Pin Trigger Guard Assembly Ejector Spring Buffer Retainer Buffer Retainer Spring Receiver Pivot Pin Fire Control Detent Takedown Pin Bolt Catch Roll Pin Bolt Catch Bolt Catch Plunger Takedown Detent Spring Takedown Detent Magazine Catch Magazine Catch Button Magazine Catch Spring S-A Ambi Selector Assembly 2 Stage Trigger/Hammer Assembly Mfg: Lewis..

Sinclair International Sinclair Nt-1500 Neck Turning Tool Kit

This NT1500 Close Axis Kit includes all four of the basal accoutrement all-important for acknowledged close turning. Kit includes our NT1500 Close Axis Apparatus a Generation II Expander Die a Close Axis Mandrel and an Expander Mandrel all at a discounted price. You can additionally acquirement your close axis apparatus kit with our Sinclair Storage Case (80-15XX) . Mfg: Sinclair International

Fn Fs2000 Tool Kit

FNH FS2000 Apparatus Kit contains the apparatus all-important to appraisal and advance your FS2000. Kit includes bore besom anecdotal charwoman rod appraisal apparatus canteen for CLP and a afterimage acclimation tool. The Kit is independent in an Olive Drab Nylon accustomed case. Mfg: Fn

Heckler & Koch G3 Extractor Assembly Tool G36


Badger Ordnance M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Gauge

Helps actuate the account of capricious cycling or if the gas agent charge be replaced with an billowing head. A absolute reproduction of the aboriginal ammunition barometer 1005-222-05 that lets you calmly actuate if the gas butt aperture or ability achievement breadth is out of annular or beat above specifications. Mfg: Badger Ammunition SPECS: O1 apparatus steel. Hardened to RC 60.

Brownells Torque Limiting Screwdriver

Smooth reliable roller address cam ensures authentic 6 to 36 in-lb torque abstracts for authentic constant abbreviating of activity screws arise and arena screws and added gun fasteners. Spring-loaded collar locks disciplinarian at adapted torque ambience auto-slip apparatus prevents over-tightening. Easy-to-release bit holder with chuck-type collet accepts 1/4 hex $.25 and adapters. Micrometer calibration is cali..

Brownells Barrel/Receiver Tap

Clean and hunt dinged or amiss accoutrement either on the butt or in the receiver. Real lifesavers for any rebarreling job abnormally acceptable back installing any of our no-lathe pre- threaded barrels. Thanks to Walt Warren for his suggestion. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1.055-20 tpi fits Savage 110/112.

Brownells Colt Saa Action Wrench

Aluminum active absolutely enclose those brittle distinct activity frames to advice annihilate big-ticket anatomy damage. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Base/Handle Unit - Steel blue. 12 3/4 (31cm) continued 1 (2.5cm) bore handle. Interchangeable Active - Aluminum 3/4 (19mm) aboveboard 5-1/8 (14cm) long. Complete Wrench - Includes Base/Handle and active for one gun archetypal bolts and instructions.

Brownells Recording Trigger Pull Gauge

This able solid assumption Recording Activate Pull Barometer solves the botheration of aggravating to be quick abundant of eye to see area that little arrow on the barometer was aback the activate released. A account is pushed forth a rod by the pointer. Aback the activate releases the arrow flies aback . . . but the account stays put giving absolute reading. Has acutely arresting atramentous numbers in pounds ounces and grams...

Brownells Fixed-Blade Screwdriver Sets

Were amused as all get out to action our Fixed-Blade Gunsmiths Screwdriver Set advised and developed by gunsmiths for those gunsmiths who adulation solid fixed-blade screwdrivers that fit their gun screws appropriate - and artlessly wont accept it any added way! THE PERFECT TIP & BLADE We started with the tip of the brand the allotment that has to fit the gun spiral appropriately and the best important allotment of a gunsmit..

Clymer Pull Through Chamber Reamers

The aforementioned appropriate reamers aggressive armorers accept continued acclimated to cut minimum breadth accommodation on bout rifles giving their shooters the accurateness advantage. The accoutrements own bolt applies burden to the reamer while reamer is angry from the cage end. When the bolt drops the alcove is cut. Improved architecture cuts the accept close and throat to anticipate close crimping of the ammo. Use as a accomplishment reamer ONLY...

Cylinder & Slide 1911 Low Mass Match Hammer Set 3 Pc

This set contains the Ultra Match attenuated and chamfered Commander Bang Super Lite Low Mass Sear and Match Disconnector. All genitalia are calefaction advised to 50-54 RC. This set is for the 1911 pistol architect who wants a lighter added beautiful attenuated and chamfered bang able of actuality acquainted to activate cull 3.5 lb. and lighter. Suitable for any 1911 pistol. Mfg: Cylinder & Slide SPECS: For 1911 model..

Everglades Ammo 1911 Barrel Hood Cutting Fixture

This accoutrement is advised to authority 1911 barrels aboveboard in your comminute carnality to acquiesce you to cut the amplitude and breadth of the awning in one setup. When acclimated appropriately this accoutrement can abundantly abate the time appropriate to cut yoru butt awning to able dimensions. Very absolute cuts can be completed with this fixture. Mfg: Everglades Ammo

Grace Usa 21 Piece Steel Punch Set W/ Bench Block

Grace USA 21 Piece Steel Punch Set contains their 7-Piece Short Roll Spring Punch Set 7-Piece Roll Spring Punch Set and 7-Piece Punch Set. All punches are fabricated of High Carbon Molybendenum Tool Steel and appropriately calefaction advised and accustomed the absolute breadth with choleric arresting end. Grace USA Bench Block Tool Holders are fabricated out of 60 durometer Neoprene rubber. Neoprene elastic is a accepted purpos..

Gradient Lens Adjustable Focus Box Borescope Kits

The AFB (Adjustable Focus Box) adaptation of the Shooting Edition Hawkeye contains an adjustable focus Hawkeye Borescope with added eyes a mirror tube for inspecting: accommodation leades acreage and grooves gas ports and crowns a charwoman kit and a ablaze antecedent in a box with die-cut cream and a laminated box top. The Gunsmith Kit includes a 17 adjustable focus Hawkeye for rifles and a 7 adjustable focu..

Knights Armament Ar-15/M16 Urx Barrel Nut Wrench

Steel butt nut bend is accurately advised for installing or removing URX II URX III and URX 3.1 butt nuts. Fits torque bend with 1/2 drive (not included) . Recommended accession torque blueprint is 45-55 ft.-lbs. Mfg: Knights Armament SPECS: Fits - URX butt nuts. Compatible with URX II III and 3.1 butt nuts. Recommended accession torque blueprint is 45-55 ft-lbs. Steel construction.

Manson Precision Piloted Receiver Reamer

Cuts receiver cilia accessory bore for the Piloted Tap/Mandrel. Cuts receiver lugs to according heights. Must use with the Receiver Tap Bushings which are included with Manson Receiver Taps awash here. Available Standard or .010 Oversize. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: High acceleration steel. 10 1/2 (26.6cm) long. .010 Over -1.012diameter Standard - 1 diameter.

Manson Precision Receiver Ring Facing Cutter

Three carbide cutters accord alike acid burden to aboveboard up the face of your receiver. Tapered handles let you about-face the apparatus smoothly. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: Aluminum. Teeth - Approximately 3/8 (9.5mm) continued 5/32 (4mm) wide. 6 3/4 (17.1cm) OAL with handle.

Manson Precision Piloted Tap/Mandrel

Recuts and squares receiver accoutrement concentric with centerline of boltway. Pilot with bushings centers tap. Available Standard or .010 Oversize. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: High acceleration steel. Tap - TiN coated 10 1/2 (26.6cm) long. Includes (2) bushings .701-.705 diameter. .010 Over - 1-1/16 + .010-16 cilia pitch. Standard - 1-1/16-16 cilia pitch.

Manson Precision Wall Thickness Gauge

Know absolutely whether a customera (TM) s butt has able bank array afore accepting and machining it for screw-in chokes. Unique architecture allows the gunsmith to arise the apparatus (not the barrel) in a bench-top anchor for affluence of use and fast authentic measurements. Aluminum block with animate delving and barometer arm accommodate accomplished adherence and consistency. High-grade Procheck cast punch indic..

Manson Precision Belted Cartridge Finish Reamer

Engineered and arena by one of the best admired names in accoutrements reamers Dave Manson. Superb affection reamers fabricated to SAAMI blueprint arena from M7 animate to cut absolute accommodation able of outstanding accuracy. Finish Chambering Reamers affection basic throater and solid anchored pilots. Throating Reamers let you adapt a chambering job for non-standard bullets or added freebore len..

Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers

Ready to admeasurement appropriate out of the box no programming. Open aperture with the smooth-feel deride caster and apprehend the LCD display. No account amid the lines! If you appetite to analyze ambit displace the aught anywhere on the calibration caliper will accord plus/minus readings. Close and displace aught and its a approved caliper again. Graduations additionally apparent on the axle for a quick chiral check. No arbor and adhere to..

Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer

No programming bare to alpha barometer all the way bottomward to .00005 (50 millionths!) . User programmable to do all sorts of allusive abstracts . . . analyze assorted pieces to one aboriginal or set the adapted ambit as aught and analyze all pieces to that. Full black-filled thimble and sleeve arrangement so can be acclimated alike if the array runs out. Instant about-face from inch to millimeters -..

Brownells Beretta 92/M9 Maintenance Field Pack

This bunched model-specific acreage aliment backpack is advised for application action weapons and accommodate the soldier or law enforacement cadre with all the accoutrement appropriate to acreage band adjustment and advance weapons while on the move. Not a boilerplate charwoman kit but anxiously called high-quality acreage armorer accoutrement committed to alive on specific weapon types so there is no abashing an..

Sinclair International Sinclair Digital Case Neck Micrometer

Our Agenda Case Close Micrometer will admeasurement close array to 0.0001 inch on cases from 17 ability to 50 BMG. The Sinclair advised anvil is the aforementioned as on our MIC-3 Case Close Micrometer. The agenda micrometer arch admiral on and aught sets with the advance of a button and the ample abrasion butt makes it accessible to accomplish a actual repeatable feel. The micrometer arch appearance inch to millimeter selec..

Brownells Remington 700 Maintenance Field Pack

This bunched model-specific acreage aliment backpack is advised for application action weapons and accommodate the soldier or law administration cadre with all the accoutrement appropriate to acreage band adjustment and advance weapons while on the move. Not a boilerplate charwoman kit but anxiously called high-quality acreage armorer accoutrement committed to alive on specific weapon types so there is no abashing and..

Mitutoyo 1 Inch Electronic Micrometer

Measuring accoutrement abnormally able-bodied fabricated accoutrement are expensive. This is an breadth of purchasing area we acclaim that you appraise your alone needs anxiously to actuate what accoutrement you will need. The cardinal one apparatus that no handloader should be after is a acceptable set of punch calipers. Save money abroad buy a appropriate brace of stainless animate 6 calipers. Micrometers can additionally be advantageous apparatus back you n..

Starrett Dial Indicator

Dial Indicators are primarily acclimated by handloaders on assorted barometer guages. We backpack several altered punch indicators so you can aces the best one for your requirements and budget. All of the indicators will assignment on the Sinclair Concentricity Gage the Sinclair Neck Wall Thickness Gage and the Sinclair Neck Turning Tool Adjustment Fixture.The axis on all indicators measures three eigths inch in..

Starrett Electronic Tube Micrometer

Tube micrometers are acclimated to admeasurement the complete array of annular tubing walls (case close bank thickness) to .0001 accuracy. This American Made Starrett apparatus appearance a aerial adverse LCD agenda readout to accomplish after abstracts fast and easy. The abrasion thimble affection gives you accessible and authentic repeatability measures to .00005 or 0.001mm non blaze atramentous anatomy and glassy chrome ..

Sinclair International Sinclair Concentricity Gauge

We acquire the Sinclair Concentricity Barometer is the easiest to use and best authentic barometer of its affectionate on the market. Precision fabricated for a lifetime of use the Sinclair Concentricity Barometer will acquire cases up to 50 BMG. The Sinclair Concentricity Barometer is acclimated to admeasurement runout by alternating the case or loaded annular on two sets of bearings that are captured in anodized aluminum blocks. These address ..

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/M4 Super Reaction Rod

The Super Reaction Rod was advised to accomplish the charge of an avant-garde armorer who frequently works on AR-15/M4 platforms with over torqued bedeviled or Loctited butt nuts. The Super Reaction Rod works by pre-loading the butt addendum lugs to the lugs of the Super Reaction Rod to annihilate movement created by abacus torque to the butt nut while at the aforementioned time acclimation the high receiver in pla..

Brownells Fixed-Blade Screwdriver Master Sets

Were amused as all get out to action our Fixed-Blade Gunsmiths Screwdriver Set advised and developed by gunsmiths for those gunsmiths who adulation solid fixed-blade screwdrivers that fit their gun screws appropriate - and artlessly wont accept it any added way! THE PERFECT TIP & BLADE We started with the tip of the brand the allotment that has to fit the gun spiral appropriately and the best important allotment of a gunsmit..

Brownells 5 Plug & Chamfer Kit

Everything you charge to cut a altogether centered chatter-free 5deg chamfer. Kit includes cutters bung gauges pilots and handle Very affable bend provides the ammo with a bland alteration into the rifling improves accurateness reduces advance spitting and shaving. No lathe bare nor is it all-important to abolish barrel. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Packed in a adapted bank box. Fits all .357 .44 and .45 ability r..

Manson Precision .715 Remington Bolt-Way Reamer

Steel reamer gives a absolute .715 bolt-way cut to actual any about-face forth breadth of any .700 bore bolt adit in the action. Tapered pilot bushing (.700 - .705) inserts into aroma end of activity to ensure beeline reaming. Includes two .7145 bushings for use with added Manson tooling. Bolt charge be shimmed for able fit in colossal way. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: High acceleration animate 12 (30.4c..

Starrett 6 Dial Caliper

A attention apparatus that handles all the appropriate abstracts central alfresco abyss and steps. Stainless animate anatomy and accelerate including the down-pointing arbor teeth that afford clay and chips. Dial registers .100 per anarchy the advanced graduations accord fast accessible reading. Available with a White Face with atramentous marks Atramentous Face with white marks or Red Face with white marks. Satin accomplishment with abysmal reces..

Grs Engraving Block

Precision abiding work-holder for all engraving. The absolutely adjustable axis annoyance with adorable and advance aggravate bearings that use the absolute accumulation of the block to blot any shock and force. Heat-treated blued aperture and two adapter plates (one anchored and one pivot) to booty accepted block block attachments. The brawl and acme are adamantine chrome plated. Furnished with elastic captivation arena and attachment..

Brownells File Starter Set

From afterimage accession to activity refinishing these are the files charwoman and accumulator accessories you need. Combined into one money extenuative kit are: 19 files 5 handles a 6 backpack of book book and a charwoman brush. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Kit includes: 1 accomplished aggravate book set 60deg afterimage abject accomplished cut 4 barrette 1 cut 8 1/2 rd. bland cut 8 comminute book bland cut 8 duke bland cut 6 colonnade 2 cut 8 ex. n..

Cylinder & Slide 1911 Low Mass Match Hammer Set 5 Pc

This set replaces the CS0213 Bang Set. This set is accurately able and akin to accord a 3.5 lb. activate cull after any stoning of the blight or hammer. The blight bounce will charge to be appropriately tensioned for your specific pistol. Recommeded for ambition use only. Mfg: Cylinder & Slide SPECS: For 1911 models.

Fn Ar-15/M16 5.56x45mm Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

With its added than 100-year bequest of aberrant butt accomplishment FNH USA has continued able the algid bang accomplishment action to ensure accurateness and durability. These AR-15/M16 barrels are bang artificial application the aforementioned proprietary high-grade Chrome Moly Venadium animate acclimated in FNs admirable machinegun barrels produced to handle the abuse of abiding fully-automatic fire. After accomplishment each..

Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammunition Concentricity Tool

Hornady is consistently developing means to advance accurateness and this is the aboriginal apparatus of its affectionate on the bazaar that both identifies and eliminates ammo runout the addiction for bullets to be out of absolute alignment with added apparatus of the cartridge. Simply abode armament in the apparatus cycle it analyze any ammo runout and use the punch indicator to acclimatize to zero. You can alike use the apparatus ..

Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck-Turn Tool

Designed for a advanced array of case lengths Hornadys Lock-N-Load Close Turn Tool makes close axis faster and easier while still accouterment above bendability and apparent finish. Acclimation apparatus appearance a beat detent arrangement with acquainted .0005-increment adjustments. Detents may additionally be disabled for added capricious adjustment. Can be acclimated on cases as continued a 2.940. Includes 6mm 6.5mm .22 cal..

Van Staal Pliers - Titanium (6)

Van Staals are advised and congenital to be the finest - and aftermost - pliers youll anytime own. Titanium architecture agency no abrasion and no blight yet theyre atrociously able and abundantly light. Replaceable tungsten anvil and cutters aftermath brittle apple-pie cuts of any band or wire actual alike braided and gel spun lines. The new 5 needle-nose archetypal complements the aboriginal 6 plier and the aboriginal 7 admeasurement with ..

Weston 8000 RPM Arrow Saw with Collector - Yellow

Westons Arrow Saw with Beneficiary calmly cuts through all types of arrow shafts with a 8000 RPM brand acceleration and able 110-volt motor. It appearance a anchored barometer calibration to ensure arrows are accurately cut every time. Includes dust beneficiary adapter that will angle up to a boutique vac (not included) . Color: Yellow. Type: Saws.

ACDelco Tools Power Tool - ARG1207 Li-ion 12V Smart Repair Tool KIT

ACDelco ARG1207 Li-ion 12V Smart Repair Tool Kit designes with cool ablaze LED ablaze for anecdotic the alive breadth and angle for accessible hanging. Package includes: 2 x Li-ion 12V Battery Packs 1 x Quick Charger and Carrying Case. Accdessories incldue: 4 pcs. Collet collet nut axial assumption besom adorable barb besom 2 pcs. Screw arbor boom sander 5 pcs. sander bandage 40 pcs. sanding disc bend acc..

Knipex Power Pack Pliers

3 pc set of pliers: 02 01 180 High Leverage Combination Pliers 74 01 160 High Leverage Diagonal Cutter 87 01 250 Knipex CobraA

Craftsman 168-Piece Vo-Tech Farm Repair Tool Set

Ideal for Vocational Tech Ed. This 168 allotment Farmer Tool Set focuses on the aliment about the farm. Big accoutrement for big accessories will be bare to get the job done. This set includes some of the better accoutrement Craftsman offers. Two of Craftsmans better drive sizes 1/2 and 3/4-inch drive lets you handle the boxy jobs. They additionally accord you a atrium ambit of sizes from 3/8 through 2-inch. Full polish..

Craftsman 121-piece Vo-Tech Hvac Tool Set

Ideal for Vocational Tech Ed. This set is ideal for a career in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) . You will charge accoutrement that will advice you with both the automated and electrical aspects of the HVAC acreage and this Craftsman 121 allotment HVAC Tool Set will fit your needs. All accoutrement are lab-tested for achievement and durability. Craftsman understands the accent of dependable accoutrement for..

Crescent 128-piece Professional Mechanics Tool Set

This Able Mechanics Apparatus Set by Crescent Gets the Job Done The Crescent 128 allotment able mechanics apparatus set appearance a array of 3/8 in. DRIVE sockets and wrenches. Searching for the appropriate apparatus for the job but not award what you charge in your apparatus kit No problem. This all-in-one kit has you covered. The 72-tooth 3/8 in. DRIVE ratchet appearance a quick absolution button to accomplish changing..

Craftsman 145 pc. Field Technicians Tool Set

Get it Done with the Craftsman Acreage Technicians Apparatus Set The 145 pc Acreage Technicians Apparatus Set includes 66 sockets 11 drive accoutrement 36 wrenches and 32 specialty accoutrement to handle any job big or small. Weighing alone 17 lbs. the Craftsman acreage technicians apparatus set is acutely carriageable for fast accessibility performance. Deep and accepted drive atrium base with SAE and Metric sizes add versatility.

Craftsman 172 Piece ALL Metric Mechanics Tool Set

This Mechanics Tool Set appearance METRIC ONLY accoutrement in this set. Ideal for adopted car aliment as able-bodied as adopted basic aliment and aliment about the abode barn or job site. Ideal for able mechanics automated maintenace and Vo-Tech acceptance as able-bodied as the DIYer and auto enthusiest at home. All the sockets in this set are METRIC ONLY all the wrenches in this set are METRIC ON..

KD Tools 13 Piece GearBox SAE Double Box Ratcheting Master Wrench Set

Features and Benefits: Zero amount account and abbreviate contour accommodate admission to the tightest spaces and recessed accouterments Beam is up to 40% best to access advantage and aerate torque backbone Surface Drive Plus improves box end backbone and reduces ballast rounding Ratcheting activity increases abundance and saves time This latest accession to the GearWrench cast of aerial affection avant-garde ra..

Ingersoll Rand 3/8 In. Square Impactool Pistol 300 Ft-Lbs Max Torque

Impact Wrench